Life Coach

Together we can work towards realizing your goals. Through dialogue, inquiry, curiosity, and courage we will investigate your motives and values. Examining emotions that are beneath outer issues, we will draw on your inherent wisdom to help you activate your inner potential and confidence. Working from the present to the future, coaching provides effective ways of accomplishing goals in order to grow both personally and professionally. Graduate of the Authentic Leadership Program from Naropa University, Marpa Center for Busines and Economics, 2003.

“Valerie notices, sees each of us, beyond masks and layers…and reports the best of that back to us. She has reached out to me with such kindness and proactive clarity, encouraging me to  inhabit my highest intentions.”

Heterosexual and LGBTQ welcome.

Fees: $135/hour • Sliding scale options available


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.