The single client factor which best predicts success in psychotherapy
is whether or not the client can stay with their experience.

– Eugene Gendlin, Founder of Focusing

Valerie Lorig LPC, M.Ed.

If you are experiencing PTSD, trauma, grief or loss, depression, anxiety, divorce, codependency, addiction, shame, or simply long for self-care and empowerment, you have choices. Curiosity and loving kindness have the power to create healthy change. Straight-forward and supportive, I can help you become brave enough to weather personal storms, tender enough to be vulnerable, resilient enough to succeed, and confident enough to trust your own wisdom.

& Therapy

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I will honor your inherent healthiness and help you weather the storms of being human. Together we will take a non-judgmental and honest look at “how and why” you do what you do, in order to inspire healthy change.

Certified Mindfulness Instructor

By simply learning how to be present, mindfulness and awareness practices develop skills that allow us to make conscious choices and enjoy more fulfilling lives.


Through guidance and curiosity, I can help you explore your potential, examine your goals, and increase your confidence in your personal and professional life.


A long-time faculty member at Naropa University, I teach Mindfulness Meditation, Somatic Psychology, Trauma and Resilience, Compassionate Action, and Buddhist Psychology.


Feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have.